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NOTE: Past customers from the old site must start fresh with NEW account details during checkout.

We assume that you are running CorelDRAW X4/X5/X6. Some macros work in versions such as X7/X8/2017/2018, but it depends… This is because macro makers use new features available in VBA with each new version of CorelDraw. Check version compatibility details on each product page.

Since everything sold on this site is non-refundable, only buy macros if you have:

  1. The FULL version of CorelDraw (NOT Home and Student –  since you’ll need the VBA module that only comes with the full suite).
  2. A legal version of CorelDRAW.
  3. An intermediate or advanced level of CorelDRAW experience.

If you’re like us, you believe that the best thing about CorelDRAW are the powerful macros available for specific tasks. About half the ones we offer are free. Please support us on the other ones – they’re affordable. This way, we can continue to offer you the best single source of macros for the next 10+ years. Thanks for dropping by!

“I sit at a PC running CorelDraw with your Macros…. I use them everyday, to help me create these. Macros are worth their weight in gold! – Ian Schutt