Main functions

This is very powerful function helps you to prepare object for plotter or CNC machine! In a few seconds, the Nesting Function can position selected objects on a specified sheet. You'll be impressed at the speed! You can zoom-in and zoom-out in a preview, select objects and change its parameters, and nest to a "container" shape. You can use any shape as container - all you have to do is pick it in the preview and check 'use as container'. You can nest each color on own sheet! Select the method you need, and eCut will separate shapes to color groups and nest each group in separate sheet! Nesting text? No problems! With eCut you can do it in few seconds! See this examples to see nesting function power!
True shape nesting using color dividing.
High speed text nesting.
Nest complex shape inside container
Nesting with preservation of orig. angels of shapes *for wood or brushed metals
Nesting with grain maintained (and not maintained) *for wood or brushed metals
eCut 3 nesting eCut 5.0 nesting
When working with vinyl cutters, many people face a problem choosing software. Separate software beyond CorelDRAW has both weaknesses and advantages. One of the most important inconveniences is that you need to export to the other program! eCUT keeps everything in CorelDRAW. Cutting using the Windows driver in some cases leads to bad quality of curves, especially on long blocks. eCut corrects this mistake too. Because eCut module prepares the output file in it's own way. Also there are a lot of algorithms in eCUT, that makes curve look more smooth, can change first point of curve, sort curves, emulate OFFSET and etc... See this additional material for more info!
Main panel overview
eCom 1.0 software (already inside eCut installer).
Knife way with optimization and not.
Here's a very powerful function will help user to create beautiful LED signs. Contour and fill methods are great, built-in catalog editor will help user to create own LED catalogs. And do not forget, that user can use a shape from the document as single LED. :-)See this additional material for more info!
Main window overview
Simple fill
Grid fill
Center line
Contour fill one row
Contour fill two rows
Contour fill, using shape from document
Cost and count, show count/price/power of selected leds.
LEDs editor, allow to add/remove/edit LEDs.
This function was made to help neon designers. It helps designer to create great neon sign. Many tools for edit neon tubes will make this process more easy: Features of Neon function:
  • Neon
  • Contour neon
  • Neon fill
See neon function use example!
Neon fill and pick angle feature
Neon contour and center line
Neon edit features ex1
Neon edit features ex2
Neon edit features ex3
Neon edit features ex4
Center line algorithm
8 great effects will help designers save time. And the result of all these effects will be ready to cut on plotter or CNC machine:
Drop shadow
Advanced contour
Corners proceed
Random copy

Additional functions

Cassette Use this function to quickly create boxes from composite material. Best choice for light box and facade
Weeding lines Very powerful function to create weeding lines. It has few methods and helps designer save a lot of time.
Grid Quick method to create simple grid. All you need is specify cell width, height, row and column count.
Lines Quick and simple method to create straight lines.
Roll edge This function creates edge roll. Also marks control points, right and left turns.

Measurement functions

Perimeter Very popular tool to measure perimeter of selected objects. Also allow to calculate price depending on shape size.
Area Calculate area of selected objects without overlaps, but if curves are not perfect, then use BMP area as result.
Time Unique function! It calculates time that plotter will spend to plot selected shapes. Best choice to optimize your work time.
Angle Simple function allow designer to get angle in selected point of curve.
Cost Very useful function to calculate job cost. Allow calculate perimeter or area of selected objects.

Fix functions

Intersect Function to find intersected objects, use it to fix bad artwork.
Duplicates This function allow user to find similar objects which lie on top of each other.
Reduce nodes This function use built in CorelDRAW ability to simplify selected curves. If a shape has too many nodes - optimize it using this function.
Connect paths This feature will be very useful after importing CAD files. Try it and all curves with opened paths will be connected to single curve.
Separate shape Use this function to divide large objects into little blocks.
Remove double edges Remove double edges::Great function that removes only duplicated edges. Useful for CNC machines.

Search functions

Search by fill Use this function to find objects with same fill.
Search by outline Search by outline. Use this function to find objects with same outline.
Search inside container This function allows designers to find all objects which lie inside selected container, or intersect with it's edges.

Useful functions

Break apart Same as CorelDRAW function, but allow to break apart groups.
Create cropmarks Very useful function, that creates simple cropmarks for print output. Useful for print and cut jobs.
Divide shape Best choice if you want to break a word into letters or break complex curves to simple shapes. Very useful when processing files for CNC machines or cutters.
Create draft Use this function to create draft from selected shapes. User can use standard scales and paste common sizes.
Multiply shapes Use this feature to make copies of selected objects. Also you can fill specified area with selected object.
Round corners Great function for CNC machine users - it allows you to round corners according to selected method.
Center line Create center line of object using CorelDRAW algorithm or build in eCut magnificent algorithm.
Print/Cut Useful function to create files for printing and cutting.