Brian Davies Before and After (Photo-PAINT)


Brian Davies Before and After (Photo-PAINT)

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Brian writes: When I’ve retouched an image I usually like to save one version as a Before & After image, with the Before (original image) on the left and the After (enhanced image) on the right. I also save each image separately as Before and After images.

This is where my macro comes in. With one mouse-click it makes the paper size twice its original width, selects the “after” layer and aligns it to the right. There is a dedicated undo button which undoes everything with one click (it really performs 4 undo’s in the background). Please note the following:

  • the user simply needs to have a file with a background and a single layer above it. The background is the original image, the layer is the retouched image.
  • if the¬†image has more than one layer then macro will pop-up a warning message and then close
  • if the image has no layers (simply a background) then the macro¬† will pop-up a warning message and then close it does not matter whether the background or the layer is selected at the time the macro is run, it automatically selects the layer by itself
  • the Undo button undoes all steps performed by the macro with a single click. The user should use this button rather than the regular Ctrl+Z operation or 4 undo’s will be necessary.

I was going to give the added option of allowing a vertical tiling and I am sure there is a VBA bug in this area. No matter what settings I tried I could not pull it off. Aligning layers side by side was a piece of cake.

I hope others will find this macro helpful, as I will personally find it immensely helpful and use it on a regular basis. Especially right now, I am in the process of making a small e-book (PDF) and possibly a website, and I want to display many Before & After side by side images.