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Brian Davies CopyMaster

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This macro allows users to quickly duplicate element(s) across a range of pages in a document, saving the user from having to manually copy and paste them onto each page.

NOTE: Save your file before running macro, since this macro supports single “undo’s”.

Instructions from the Help File:

1. Enter a name for the new layer which your element(s) will be placed on across your chosen page range. For CorelDRAW X4, don’t use an existing layer name (X4 allows duplication of layer names). Duplicate Layer Names are confusing in any version of CorelDRAW.

2. Create your element(s) (more than one if desired) and then size, shape and position it (them) where you want it (them) to appear on each page of a range of pages. If you’re working in facing pages format, navigate to a pair of facing pages and draw your element(s) as needed on each page.

3. Select the Pick Tool and select your element(s). This step is very important! If you still have the text tool active, then the macro does not detect a text frame as being selected.

4. Click one of the macro buttons to copy the selected element(s) across a range of pages: all pages, even pages, odd pages or pages x to y. The element(s) will appear on a new layer (as named in step 1) on each of the pages in the chosen range. In the case of our facing pages example, let’s say you are using facing pages with first page on right. This means all right hand pages are odd and left hand pages are even.

Select the left hand page element(s) with the Pick Tool and then press the Even Pages button. The element(s) will now exist on all even numbered pages in your document. Then select the right hand page element(s) with the Pick Tool and press the Odd Pages button. The element(s) will appear on all odd numbered pages in your document.

5. If you’re using CorelDRAW X4, use my BDLayers macro to quickly rename or shuffle the order of your newly created layer.

PLEASE NOTE: the original element(s) you created will be deleted, as it will be replaced on a new layer as per step 4 above. However, in the event you wish to retain the element(s) as well as placing it over a range of new pages, then check the Keep Original checkbox. This is necessary where you want to duplicate element(s) from an existing page onto newly added pages, without losing the original element(s).