Jeff’s Gold Factory for CorelDRAW

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Gold Factory for CorelDRAW

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Here’s the macro that automates Jeff’s highly popular effect. Note: you must have the full version of CorelDRAW installed, and Photo-PAINT too. The “Edit Bitmap’ button must be available on the property bar when you have a bitmap selected in CorelDRAW. If you need help with this, you’ll need to get that sorted out in the CorelDraw forums here. Only buy the macro if the link between CorelDraw and Photo-PAINT is already working for you.

For CorelDraw X4 and higher. (it might work in X3 and Version 12 too, but the installer recognizes X4 and above. Email if you need X3 or CorelDraw 12 version so I can test it there first.)

A video about it: