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jeff select same

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This Macro allows you to select various combinations of elements. It’s a must-have for all CorelDRAW users! It’s probably the most popular¬†macro in the world.

This macro was originally made by Robin Trew back in 1999. In those days, it functioned with quite a bit of CorelScript coding. Joanne, the person he made it for, has authorized to host this freebie. Enjoy!

Works with versions X5/X6/X7/X8/2017/2018/2019

March 2017: For Version 3, Shelby Moore refreshed the code to work in many versions of CorelDRAW. Please Consider donating 10.00 to support him!

TIP: If you have many different-colored objects in your file, If you shift-select one color, shift select a second, the macro will find shapes with both of those fills at once.