Jeff’s SuperFill

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Jeff’s SuperFill

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This macro allows you to quickly use any shapes, including complex elements or bitmaps as fills for other shapes.


We’re not kidding around: During testing, I’d made tiles that had mesh fills, interactive transparencies, bitmaps, live drop shadows. Now that’s a complex tile! And yet, they worked with SuperFill!

NEW! Updated to have the option to use clones in the filled shape for enormous creative flexibility.

Background: CorelDRAW has always offered support for Full Color Pattern Fills and Bitmap Pattern Fills. But, there was a serious pitfall… transparency is not supported for either of those fill types.

In the past, in order to quickly fill another shape with those patterns or textures, you also needed to use Corel’s infrastructure to use your fills. That means exporting your vector tile or bitmap, and then reloading it back into the fill system. While that’s not too big of deal, it adds extra steps… plus you you may never need that fill again, so why keep it?

With this macro you can very quickly try different fills, since anything on your page can be a tiled fill for another shape!

For the first time, you can easily create remarkable fills never before seen. Especially when you add fills on top of fills, within the same container. You’ll feel a whole new creative world open up!

Compatible with X3 – X7