Jeff’s Text Dockers (For CorelDRAW X4 Only)


text docker CorelDRAW X4

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You’ll find one of these 3 improved “single text dockers” much more handy for editing text in CorelDRAW X4.

Each was programmed by:

Hendrik Wagenaar
Sancho (UPDATED July 1/08)

All have different icons and tools available, so you need to try them out or look at the images above to see which one you like most.

Instructions on how to install them are in a PDF in the download file. Only install one at a time.

This ONLY works for CorelDRAW X4, and cannot be made to work for any previous CorelDRAW version. There is one custom docker for X3 though.. look to the below right for a link. Download one zip file for all dockers.