Jeff’s Trim & Crop ( For PHOTO-PAINT)


trim crop PHOTO-PAINT

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This is package of 2 separate macros that makes common editing tasks easier.


Adobe PhotoShop has a “Trim” command that allows you to quickly clear away a single color that may surround an image. Now you can have the similar function in PHOTO-PAINT. It’s works very fast to clear away extra white space around images. I’ve programmed it to leave a 5 pixel margin.


You may need to crop images to certain pixel dimensions. This macro shows a form where you can type in your pixel amounts. The form can stay open between images, with your values intact. This allows you to crop many currently opened images to consistent values.

How to use:
1. Open your images
2. Run macro
3. Set pixel dimensions
4. press make mask button
5. position mask over area you want to keep (you can scale the mask also. This increases pixel dimensions, but preserves proportions)
6. press the crop to button. For your convenience, the mask is also removed (to avoid warnings when saving file to JPG/GIF etc.)