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Bitmap Manipulator resolution

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This is the fastest tool to convert numerous bitmaps to another color model, and/or change the resolution of bitmaps inside your CorelDraw file.

It has the capability to find bitmaps inside Groups, Powerclips, and Tables.

  • It also features a single Undo.
  • 8-bit Alpha Channels are preserved when found in an image.
  • A handy Adaptive Unsharp option helps restore detail in down-sampled images.
  • Images under the new desired resolution can be ignored. For example, this allows images over 300 DPI to be reduced, while leaving existing images under 300 DPI alone.


Ver. 1.1: the Adaptive Unsharp number entry area is now limited to 0 through 100.
Ver. 1.2: Now compatible with CorelDRAW 64-bit versions
Ver. 1.3: macro can now process images inside Tables.
Compatible with CorelDraw X4 through 2018.