Shelby’s quickFindFont

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If you’ve ever needed to track down a certain font somewhere inside your document, this is a valuable macro to do just that.

The installer supports versions X5 through 2021.

This macro is a CoreldDRAW Docker. The main features are:

  1. Searches the entire document
  2. Searches Powerclips
  3. Searches Nested Powerclips
  4. Searches in Multi Font Lines of Text
  5. Selecting the Item in the List selects  the line of Text in the actual Document

quick find font UI

As in this image above, the Line of Text is first, then under that is the page the text was found on. If the text is inside a powerclip, it will also have (Powerclip) next to the Page. If the font is found in a line of text that uses more than one font the (Multi Font) tag will be added.

The quickFindFont docker allows you to quickly find a font anywhere in your document. It will search all the pages in the document. It will search within Powerclips for the font. It will even search down to the single character to find the font.

Instructions From the Help File:

  1. Select or Create a line of text with the font you want to search for
  2. Click the Find Font Button

The docker will then show what font is being searched for:

You will also see a list of the lines of text that contain that font. If you click one of the items in the list, it will select that line of text in your document.


Text: The text of the line of text is show first in the list.
Page Number: The page number of the page the text is on is shown under the text.
Powerclip: If the text is in a powerclip, (Powerclip) with be added next to the page number.
Multi Font: If the line of text used more than one font the letter or letters with the search font will be highlighted in red. The label (Multi Font) will be added next to the page number.
Selection: Clicking on item in the list will select the text in your actual document!