wOxxOm CorelDraw and Photopaint relink helper files

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A common problem for CorelDRAW users is losing the “edit bitmap” connection between CorelDRAW and Photo-PAINT.

Here are 3 files in the zip file to help solve this problem: They were created for the users who had multiple versions of CorelDRAW on their systems during the X4 beta process.

alltox3.reg forces CorelDRAW X3 and Photo-PAINT X3 to reconnect, even if X4 is on your system. This changes the registry.

This may be all you need, to get X3 working again.

If you want to force a corresponding version of Draw to work with it’s counterpart:


Double-clicking one of the above will launch Draw for you. These do not change the registry.

These work great for many people, but note that you use these at your own risk.