wOxxOm Curve Channel Mixer


wOxxOm Curve Channel Mixer

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• Live preview

• Intuitive control sliders and manual entering of values

• Presets management: loading (double-click preset name), saving, deleting.

• Channel copying/moving (drag channel label onto another channel label, Ctrl = copy)

• Automatic conversion to CMYK option – necessary for imported clipart which is often in RGB colors

• processes fills/outlines or both!

• Keyboard modifier while dragging sliders:

  • hold <Shift> while dragging slider to force 10% increments,
  • hold <Ctrl> to lock all CMYK channels to same value
  • hold <Alt> while dragging slider to change all four channels proportionally (rubber mode)

• Presets are autosaved in %AppData%CorelGraphics13(12/11)User Custom DataCurveChannelMixer.ini

You may require MSCOMCTL.OCX, follow directions here if required.

Compatible with X3/X4/X5