Macro Authors

Osman Moscuff is a Macro Monster – he said to call him a Macro Lobster! A man of mystery – we don’t know much about other than the fact he makes outstanding CorelDRAW Macros.

If you know anything about Macros, you’ll see his name all over the place – chances are good that you’ve tried one out already!

Shelby Moore is a full-time husband, father, employee, and Corelian. It all makes him a little crazy, or one little busy bee (He finds that the key is no sleep – it’s really overrated).

After high school, he had no desire to go to college right away. Fifteen years later, he found himself at college with three young kids. He finished his Associates of Science in Management Information Systems (MIS) in December 2007. In the Fall of 2009 he finished his Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems (MIS) at Minot State University (North Dakota). Finally, in 2012 he completed his Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) at Minot State University (North Dakota).

Shelby began working with CorelDRAW 1.2 and has been using it ever since. Since version 7, he’s taken an active role in being part of the CorelDRAW Beta Program. When CorelSCRIPT was introduced, he became very excited and started learning how to automate CorelDRAW. The technical possibilities had become fantastic! They have only gotten better with VBA and .NET, which gives you the tools to automate to your heart’s content (Which his never seems to be, as there is always something new to try).

Jeff Harrison is a production artist and CorelDRAW & Photo-Paint trainer. He’s a media “Jack-of-all-trades”, familiar with most of the major media applications on the Windows platform. Whether it’s 2D/print, 3D, audio, video, or Web related – he’s working on mastering everything that comes his way.

Jeff instructs students worldwide. As a CorelWORLD Instructor, he received excellent reviews and attendance at his seminars at the 2007 conference in San Diego and the CorelDRAW Unleashed User Conference 2008 in Pheonix, Arizona.

As a CorelDRAW & Photo-PAINT Power User for many years, he saw the convenience and advanced functionality of VBA Macros early on. The goal for this site is to be a comprehensive source for every CorelDRAW & Photo-PAINT Macro he knows about, and that’s almost all of them!

Pavel Nikitov-Rekhletsky is better known in macro circles as “Dizzy”. A very smart guy with a degree in Mathematics. He can also teach Economics and Information Technology. Pavel works in the Printing industry.

Married to another teacher, he has a son. He loves to make macros, and you can expect great things from him in the future!

Wondering about his Egg Logo?

Lev is a talented programmer. He lives in Moscow! He’s been using CorelDRAW since almost the very beginning. He has lots of insight to offer and knows the the history of digital prepress very well.
Brian Davies is from Australia, mate! An avid Photo-Paint user, he offers plenty of insight on the Corel CNEWS forum.

He writes: “After 13½ years in the insurance industry, I finally came to my senses and quit to commence a career in photography; I’d already been taking photographs on an amateur basis for 12 years. I’d done some weddings, portraits and model portfolio paid work. In my final 12 months of insurance, I was spending 6 hours a night retouching photographs in Corel Photo-paint and double that on weekends.

Shortly after commencing my photography business, I was side-tracked into photo restoration. This became my full-time business and photography was placed on hold. After 4 years I was allured into another field, involving preparation of navigable documents for the insurance industry. I then stepped away from the photographic/digital field altogether on a professional basis.

I’ve kept my hand in with digital imaging as I’m totally addicted to retouching/enhancing photographs. I’ll continually further my development on an ongoing basis. I’ve continued to take photographs as a hobby. I also have the photographic bug constantly nagging at me, and I’ll be starting a photographic business again within the next 2 years or so. I’ve an absolute passion for working with photographs, whether it be taking them or working on them on a computer.

As I become more proficient in writing macros it is my intention to concentrate on macros for Photo-paint, as I believe there is a lack of macros available for this great product.”

Pavel has spent more than 9 years at an advertising agency. He knows almost everything about plotters & cutters.

His revolutionary eCut software for CorelDRAW was created to make plotter work easier.

Over time, it became more functional. Development still continues, and many features that it now has were requested by customers in the past.

Words that he lives by: “If the brain doesn’t think, then it dries up.”

We’re proud to have him aboard!

Dan Haddix has worked with CorelDRAW for many years. He created the NumberGen utility.

James Leonard is an expert with CNC machining, and wrote the DXFTool add-on.

John-Dan Key is a digital artist, specializing in abstract art, who shows and sells his work at Gold Mountains Gallery and Kauffman Street Studios in Republic, Washington, and online at

He develops his designs using Corel Draw. His limited edition prints are owned by private corporations and individual collectors across the United States.

Patti Anderson is a macro author in the Eastern USA. As a long-time Corel user, she knows the power of macros – and has recently begun crafting her own.

Alexander Penkin is an author who’s crafted many macros. His son Sergey has taken over.

Myles Henry (Noisia Applications) is a graphic designer who has worked in the sign industry for 11 years. He has been working with CorelDRAW since version 8.

He has his degree in C++ programming but also works with VB.Net, Java, and C#.

He is married to a wonderful woman and has two fantastic children.