Shelby’s Object Order & Tab Creator (for laser cutters)


Shelby’s Object Order & Tab Creator

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The main purpose of this macro is to control which items are cut or produced first in a production environment. CNC equipment and vinyl cutters often cut items in a specific order.

These macros allow 3 things:

1. Intuitively change the stacking order of elements. Shift-select them in the order you want, and run the macro. You can force the last item selected to be the bottom of the stacking order, or the top.  The other shapes will correspond.

2. Add “tabs” to shapes so that they won’t be entirely cut out from the substrate below. Handy for laser or plasma cutters who don’t want cut out pieces to fall away from the material being cut into.

3. NEW (May 2010): A macro to set CorelDRAW coordinates to the top left of the current document. That’s right! the rulers will show 0:0 at top left.

4. NEW (July 2016): Now includes a macro to allow custom tab size.