Alexander Penkin’s VariablesTool 2

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NEW May 11/2014! Now supports the creation of Data Matrix codes. Some restrictions for the Data Matrix codes are:
– outputs hi-resolution bitmaps only.
– square images only.

This macro:

  • makes a copies of the objects (Now allows you to create symbols to reduce file size)
  • makes a copies of the objects with replacement of text, images, QR codes (vector or bitmap), Data Matrix codes (bitmap)
  • makes a copies of the objects with replacement of text and images with the URL links
  • makes a copies of the objects with replacement of images
  • auto-numbering
  • generates numbers
  • placement of cropmarks
  • creates a database for a replacement
  • saves as PDF with the URL links


Features: Creating or editing a database

Database must be a TAB delimited TXT file, or CSV.

Database can be created inside VariablesTool, or MS Excel, or Open Office Calc etc.

The latest version:

Works with the following versions of CorelDraw:
– CorelDRAW X5 (with Service Pack 3/ Hot Fix 4) or
– CorelDRAW X6.1-6.4 (or 32 or 64 bit)
– CorelDRAW X7.0 (or 32 or 64 bit)
– CorelDRAW X8.0 (or 32 or 64 bit)
– CorelDRAW 2017 (or 32 or 64 bit)
CorelDRAW 2018 and later versions are not working correctly,
and have been removed from the installer packages. They might never be fixed.
Consider using ecut instead for merging for CorelDRAW 2018 and later.

Note: If your computer has both a 32-bit AND 64-bit version of CorelDraw  installed, the macro will work only in 32-bit version.

Required .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)

This macro includes 2 system activations for the low price shown. (Changing your hard drive or reinstalling your operating system does not affect the registration. But you’ll require the installation code used for that system before). Choose your systems carefully, since the activation key locks to those systems permanently, and is never transferable to more than 2 systems (you’d need to buy this item to get more installations).