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In the sign and printing industries, artists are often called upon to match specific colors. This color can be anything from a Pantone color, to a hardcopy proof.

Due in part to the color shift between pigment based colors such as Pantones and the CMYK printing of large format machines, finding a good match can be very time consuming and difficult.

Using this software, it is easy to create a set of color swatches containing all of the nearby CMYK variations. This “swatchset” can be printed on any printer and used to visually locate the closest match to the desired color.

Once the color has been located it can also be given a name and added to the program’s archive. Then it can be recalled at a later time as needed.

Lastest version 4.0

Compatible with CorelDRAW versions X5 through 2018 (As of Nov 12/2018)