wOxxOm TOOLS package

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wOxxOm TOOLS package

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This is an essential package for all CorelDRAW users!

wx.PClipPick pick a powerclipped shape(s) without entering powerclip editing mode. Works with keyboard assignment only. Perhaps assign both “W” and “Shift-W” (to add to selection). Repeat the macro to pick nested shapes.

wx.ZoomOutBack replaces F3 hotkey, restores old pre-X3 behaviour. View goes to last used zoom when being invoked after zooming in. Especially handy when switching between extremely differing zoom levels.

wx.ZoomFullPage to replace Shift-F4 hotkey, zoom to page + 5% (whereas standard DRAW behaviour is to add 20% thus wasting space)

wx.ScrollScreen Down, …Up …Left …Right …Down Right …Up Right …Down Left …Up Left Scroll by 80% of screen. Assign e.g. to Ctrl-Alt-Numpad keys (1 to 9)

wx.InvertSelection invert selection of shapes

wx.selectComplexCurves to find shapes with number of nodes greater than specified

wx.selectSmallObjects select objects smaller than user specified threshold

wx.selectSameFillColor wx.selectSameFillAndOutline
wx.selectSameOutline wx.selectSameDialog
selects ungrouped shapes with same fill/outline colors. Tip for ‘dialogless’ macros: enable keyboard ScrollLock led to specify sensitivity, negative ‘-1’ etc – also select inside groups without ungrouping

wx.GuideHorizontal, GuideVertical create guide at mouse cursor. It’s convenient if assigned to a hotkey

wx.PasteAtMouse paste the clipboard at mouse position. Assign to hotkey only (Ctrl+Shift+V)

wx.ForEach repeat last standard transform (repeatable usually with Ctrl+R) for the selection of multiple shapes individually for each (each repetition creates its ‘undo’ record)

wx.BlendSplit splits blend at position under mouse cursor. Invoke via hotkey only (mine is “Z”)

wx.sizePagetoFIT resizes page to fit objects + user specified gap.

wx.pageNamesAsNumbersremove page names (“Page #”) so that only numbers remain.

wx.dupOnNextPage quick copying of selection to the next page (no clipboard usage). Layers currently are merged.

to quickly create complex fountain fills – select a few uniformly filled shapes, invoke the macro, pick the target shape which will be painted with a fountain fill. Very handy tip: use EyeDropper tool to pick colors from bitmap and then Shift-click to fill the next rectangle (duplicate as many rectangles as needed before). Angle and space between centers of source shapes is preserved.

But there’s a faster way: use Powertrace to create shapes the macro can identify, as seen here: Summary: It only takes seconds to create fountain fills from bitmaps. There’s no other product in the world that does this (that I know about)…

wx.ConvertShapesToCMYK – converts shapes and bitmaps to CMYK (selected/whole doc)

wx.TextToCurves text to curves (also powerclipped) throughout whole document or selection only.

wx.OutlinesToQ_KillEmpty converts outlines to curves and deletes original shapes if it has no fill

wx.outlineBehind set outline behind. Shift-click (also Ctrl-click) for normal.

wx.outlineCorners set corners to rounded, Ctrl-click: miter, Shift-click: beveled.

wx.OutlineIncrease & OutlineDecrease change selected shapes’ outlines width. Each width is changed individually which allows changing of different widths in one selection. I have it on Ctrl-Alt-Up & Down

wx.OutlineEqualsFill makes outline color equal to fill. Useful for trace results in X3 to eliminate faint ghostly ‘outline’.

wx.transparentEdge – create feathered edges for simple shapes.   Quirky note: Sometimes a shape must have an outline for the macro to work correctly (‘Fix’ button)

wx.OverprintsRemove remove all overprints (selected objects/whole doc), including overprinted bitmaps.

wx.BitmapsDownsample resamples bitmaps if its DPI is larger than specified by 20%. Asks for DPI # and processes selected / whole doc, including powerclips. Shows per page statistics.

wx.BitmapsSetDPI changes DPI value for bitmaps without resampling. Asks for DPI # and processes selected / whole doc, including powerclips. Shows per page statistics.

wx.BitmapsToPowerclips puts bitmaps into powerclips. Asks for bleed # and processes selected / whole doc. Shows per page statistics.

compatible with X3-2017 (note: only one macro out of this huge whole package doesn’t work in X5 or later).