Jeff’s Sooper Dooper “Must Have” Macros V1


Jeff’s Sooper Dooper “Must Have” Macros V1

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A great collection for macro fans. Jeff’s most often used macro is in this package! These Macros allow you to:

  1. Adjust outline widths interactively & visually. Jeff assigns CTRL+Up Arrow to increase and CTRL+Down Arrow to Decrease.
  2. Create a series of increasing or decreasing numbers wherever you have a single variable.
  3. Remove both tiny filled and unfilled curves from your document of a certain minimum threshold (You can define in the VBA Editor).
  4. Add or remove consistently sized columns and gutters to a Paragraph Text Frame. You can define dimensions in the VBA Editor.
  5. Reduce nodes on numerous complex shapes (such as clipart), where there are too many nodes. This macro is valuable since it operates on many separate shapes at once, even those inside groups!


April 2016: 64-bit compatible, for X6 or higher.

Feb. 2010: now comes with user interface.

Feb. 2012 Gimme Numbers has some new options.